Release Notes

Phoyo v3.5
Build 700
– Page orientation reverted for file, email and facebook outputs
– Decor format configuration: live view filter not updated: resolved
– Modified montage format not restored on configuration rollback: resolved
Build 699
– Minor improvements
– Minor bugs fixed
– template editor controls layout improved
– Basic settings camera resolution update issue: resolved
– Documentation hierarchy cleaned
– Printing page count: variation option added
– Effects preview performance improved
– Photo resolution/quality selection issue: resolved
– Configuration window field control refresh issue: resolved
– Decor format loading error on Linux: resolved
Build 668
– Configuration window optimized
– Template editor controls improved
– vertical flip filter added
Build 660
– Minor bug fixes
– Minor improvements
– Collage format preview quality control added
Build 651
– Themes added
– Audio system made optional
– Sound unexpectedly looping: resolved
Build 643
– Text overlay rendering improved
– Video loop format design improved
– Failing to resume after camera error: resolved

Phoyo v3.4
Build 613
– Mouse pointer/touch screen not enabled when keyboard input selected: resolved
– Unable to change screen colors in the configuration window: resolved
– Online session error reporting option failing to load: resolved
– Post-processing effects optimized
Build 608
– Post-processing effects added (sepia, cartoon, …)
– Edge detection filter optimized
– NoSuchFieldException bug occurring in the filters editor: resolved

Phoyo v3.3
Build 600
– DSLR driver bug fixes:
. Capture failing when space in paths: resolved
. Live view failing with some Canon PowerShot models: resolved
. Bogus marker length: resolved
– New optimized green screen filter
– Shooting screen ergonomics improved
Build 594
– Local copy saving option added for most medias
– New textual overlay filter added
– ColorFunction optimization option added
– Minor bugs fixed
– Small improvements addeduild 591
– Local copy saving option added for most medias
– New textual overlay filter added
Build 585
– Multiple camera handling enabled for the Windows exclusive DSLR driver
– Full screen closing issue on Windows10
– Email media SMTP server assigned by default
– Better design: color palette improved
Phoyo v3.2
Build 570
– Image filters execution speed increased
– Various minor bugs fixed
– Various minor improvements added
Build 563
– Data folder changed: C:\ProgramData\Phoyo => C:\ProgramData\Phoyov3
– Identity format internationalized: standards customizable
– Color function benign exception (name not found) fixed
– Collage format live view design improved
– Phoyo kiosk edition released