Prints on wrong paper tray

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    Hi, I setup my printer (Canon Pixma TS6351a) to use the rear paper tray for photos, inserted photopaper and tried printing from macOS directly. When I chose 10x15cm, it automatically prints on the designated photopaper.
    However, I can’t get Phoyo to use the rear paper tray.
    Under ‘Paper’ I selected 100x150mm (also tried the 152 -2 102 -2 from the list) and under ‘Printing’ I chose the printer. But there is no option to select a papertray.

    Everytime Phoyo prints a photo, it does it on A4 standard paper. What can I do?

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    Use the “file transfer / file processing command” option to print.
    Install and try to print with irfanview (
    If it works then use the following command line:
    “C:\Program Files\IrfanView\i_view64.exe” /print
    There are other options explained here:

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    For others with the same problem: I managed it with the Automater using Shell Script.
    The steps in Automator are:
    – Select the right Folder for a Folderaction
    – ‘Set value of variable
    – run Shell Script bin/sh: lpr -P [precise printer name] -o PageSize=4×6.Borderless -o InputSlot=Rear “$1”
    – ‘Get value of variable’

    In Phoyo use ‘File Transfer’ to the folder, rather than printing. The Automator does the rest.
    Took me many hours to get it done properly.

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    Seems to be Windows only. Is there a solution for mac? I won’t buy the full version without having it fixed…

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    Mac and Unix systems have the same commands.
    See this post.

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