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    Gunnar Vingrem Neves da Conceição

    Hi, when I bought the software in version 2 is the same as version 3 “Kiosk Edition”? Or for my booth to work better, do I need to buy this version 3 of the kiosk?

    I have never set up my booth, I am trying to configure the software for the Portuguese language, I have already done the audio translation, I still have to translate the text!

    In Brazil, we used 3 mole of identification with photo, in sizes 2×2, 3×4, 5×7 cm,

    Do you want to delete the collage photo option, mount photos and add 2X2 ID photos, 3X4 photo ID, 5X7 photo ID? Would you help me out of this?

    during this configuration of my softaware I changed the computer and now when I open the softawere and put the sereal it seems that I already activated the limit! What should I do to activate it on my main PC that will be my kiosk ID?

    Could you send another sereal?

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    Sorry for the delay.
    Health issue. I will respond and solve your problem soon soon.

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